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Do you have stacks of cardboard taking up room in your home?  We recycle and re-purpose every item we possibly can, so you can feel great knowing your not throwing usable items into the landfill.  Be part of the solution and give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote.

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Alberta Junk Removal also removes the following miscellaneous items:
E-Waste, Clutter, Tires, Dirt, Sod, Soil, Pallets, Paper, Cardboard, Brush, Yard Waste, Paint Cans and much more.

You're gonna love our "don't lift a finger" approach to junk removal

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The first step is to book online. We'll visit your home or job site to evaluate and provide an on-the-spot estimate.

Show us what needs to go

We will determine which items can be donated, reused or recycled and provide a fair quote based on volume and weight.

Enjoy your reclaimed space

Watch as all your items are hauled away to the proper recycling and disposal centres. You are left with no mess to clean and a clutter free home or job site.

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